Are Diabetics Able To Get Life Insurance

A World Where Sick People Can’t Get Help

diabetes-life-insuranceOne of the biggest complaints that Jordan Insurance hears about insurance companies is their refusal to cover people with pre-existing conditions like cancer or diabetes. For many of use, we saw this as a death sentence for those who are in need. How could we allow actuary tables decide who has access to health insurance or quality health care? Things have changed a lot over the last years and because of legislation in Washington, people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes can qualify for coverage.

Since we have already answered the main question, let’s get into the why of how things were. Insurance companies thought that people with diabetes are a great risk. They are a higher risk for needing expensive health care and medications. They would overburden the insurance company more so than healthier people. It is now imprinted on the minds of the people that health care is not a luxury; it is a necessity and government, and insurance companies have made it so. Thankfully, now days having diabetes or any other type of condition doesn’t automatically disqualify a person from health insurance.

As a diabetic, you still should look into the fine print of any agreement with an insurance company to see what all they really cover because they might have stipulations that are not favorable to you. Read what they have to say about specific diseases, especially the one that you have. See what type of expenses they cover and which ones they do not. You want to be clear on this before you join that company and pay any money because all insurance plans are not created equally. There are some really great ones for people with diabetes and some that are not so good.

Making Better Choices

For peope with type 2 diabetes, getting health insurance and medication should not be your end goal. Sure you need those things but you should also try to heal your diabetes. Research how dietary changes can reduce blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity and myocellular performance. There are accounts all over the world how people have used changing what they eat to heal their type 2 diabetes– perhaps this will one day be your story. This is one disease that a motivated person can fight and win at a high rate.

As you can see, people with both type 1 or type 2 diabetes can get health insurance. This was not always the case, but things have changed for the better. Legislation in Washington has made it easier for people with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes to qualify for health insurance. Government and the people both realize that health insurance is not a luxury but a necessity. As you research, different plans read all of the fine print and rules to ensure that you are joining a plan that will cover all of your needs ad a diabetic. You will find that plans range from great to not so good.

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